Tahitian Pearl + Sandalwood Bracelet/ WAHINE ROX

Tahitian Pearl + Sandalwood Bracelet/ WAHINE ROX

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One Tahitian pearl on a slightly fragrant sandalwood bracelet.

Stretchy 7"

Bead size is 8 mm.
Pearl size is approx. 9-10 mm.

***All pearls are natural, size, and tone vary slightly from the picture. The pearls have some blemishes and are not flawless but have a beautiful luster.

This listing is for one Tahitian pearl sandalwood bracelet only.

Handmade on the island of Kaua’i 💗


Stretchy Bracelets:
When putting on Stretchy bracelets, instead of stretching or pulling at the elastic cord, please ROLL them over your hand. Stretching or pulling the bracelet can weaken the elastic cord and over time may cause the bracelet to break.